Glass appeared in the history of the Hirschler family in the late 1880s. The first glass manufacturing company was founded by Rezső Hirschler in 1899.

The company specialized in architectural glazing.

After the 1970s, as motor vehicles grew increasingly popular, the manufacturing of rear-view mirrors became the company’s main field of activity, which meant a significant development.
The trade and the tricks of the trade were passed down from generation to generation, so the experience gained in the glass industry steadily expanded.

In 1988, I took over the management of our company from my father at first for four years, and since 2006 I have been the managing director.
Since then, new production techniques have been introduced, such as the use of robotics or CNC equipment, while we have continuously been developing and expanding our partner network and our markets. We have been working on joint innovation projects with a multinational company, with which we have entered the new field of illuminating engineering.